New Partnership with BRUSA Elektronik and Cert-X


Nearly three years after its foundation and the successful commencement of activities in the domain Systems Safety Engineering, the ROSAS Association together with the ROSAS Competence Center could welcome with the Swiss company BRUSA Elektronik AG the first additional member. Situated in Sennwald in the Rhine valley BRUSA can be considered as one of the pioneers in the world of electro-mobility, well known by its high end technical systems and products like drive systems, converter systems and battery charging systems. We at ROSAS are more than happy to having such a key partner on board, and we are looking forward to further develop together our joint capabilities in the field of electric vehicle systems. And not to forget, already one of our ROSAS Center collaborators has joined BRUSA to strengthen their software development team with his systems Safety background.

Another cornerstone was the foundation of the company CertX Ltd., Switzerlands first company that once accredited shall be authorised to certify technical systems and products according to existing and upcoming functional safety standards. With the canton Fribourg via the HES-SO/FR as majority shareholder and registered in the canton Fribourg, this approach will be significantly contribute to the development of Fribourg as the key area in Switzerland and presumably beyond Switzerland's borders when it comes to topic safe, secure and reliable products across a variety of industrial domains. And ROSAS shall participate, as a reliable partner of the CertX clients to come.

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