SAFETY DAYS 3rd edition


ROSAS Center Fribourg has organised the SAFETY DAYS for the 3rd year which took place on the 30th and 31st of October. The goal is to gather people in the safety and security domains to discuss relevant issues in the fields of aviation, space, automotive, cybersecurity, rail systems, drones and machinery.

Over 80 participants travelled across Europe to attend the Safety Days where experts gave 20 conferences in safety and security. They presented subjects related to their own experience and working fields before participants could ask questions enabling to deepen the subject. In addition, parallel sessions were organised this year to allow better interactions between speakers and participants. All along the Safety Days, participants had the opportunity to network, thus exchanging ideas and business cards through a warm and informal atmosphere.

Every year, the number of participants doubles as the safety and security field gains in popularity. Due to booming technological advancements, norms and regulations are nowadays essential to comply to. As an example of evolving technologies, one key topic discussed during one of the Safety Days conference was the impact of automation on safety. This does not only apply to self-driving cars but also to industrial drones and industrial machines. The benefits of machines working in an autonomous manner are easy to understand. It improves productivity, availability, reliability and performance, no matter in which domain you use it. But what happens if you integrate them in an environment where they have to cohabit with humans? This question shows how important safety is in regards to new appearing challenges from machines that will be able to make their own decisions. Nowadays, safety is about not only the normal operation of the product but also how it will react to unexpected situations and how it will manage to keep the system in a safe state in every possible interaction with its environment.

For more passionate topics, ROSAS' team is looking forward to see you at the next edition of the Safety Days on the 19th of September 2019.

Rédaction : Oliver Nahon Photo : Markus Peissard